Understanding Chrome Dev Tools

Your assignment for the day is to complete the first two chapters of the Explore and Master Chrome tools course at Code School. Please complete all of the challenges associated with these two chapters. While you are not required to create an account, I recommend doing so you can track you progress and take advantage of some of the other content on the site. Be prepared to demo a tip or trick you learned from the exercise in class on Tuesday. We will be leveraging these skills throughout the semester so it is imperative that you learn how to use this tool. Feel free to complete the remainder of the chapters depending on your level of experience with the tool. Email a screen shot of your completion badges for these two chapters.


In class on Tuesday, we will cover file publishing to both the UALR Web Server and to your individual hosting accounts. If you have been unable to upload your pre-assessment, this will be an opportunity for you to do so. I will not count that assignment as late until Tuesday.

Supplemental Material