Internet Technologies – Spring 2015

To view lecture notes for a given lesson follow the links below. Lecture notes will be added the day of each lecture. Assignments will be listed for each section. Assignments are due before class.

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jQuery Lab - April 29, 2015


Find a jQuery tutorial/technique  on the web. When evaluating the script make sure that the page is still usable without Javascript enabled. You should pick something that can be integrated into your current site to meet the above mastery requirement. Submit the URL to me via email of the working script. Due Monday.

Some examples to get you started…

Introduction to jQuery - April 20, 2015

Additional Reading and Study – Javascript 101

Read the following Article on Progressive Enhancement. Send me an email ( explaining progressive enhancement in your own words. Please discuss why it is important to use progressive enhancement and include a link to another article you found and read relating to the topic. Due before class Wednesday.

Creating Imagery for your Site - March 30, 2015


Create Banner image for your sample page in Fireworks. The image should be as wide as your container div and between 80px and 200px tall and less than 40kb in size. Emailed before class on Wednesday. Have fun with this. You can make an image for anything. It could be a company, an event, a hobby etc. I’d like to see the following elements present in your design. Typographical Element, some sort of photographic element or vector artwork, and a consistent color scheme (Try Kuler).

Next class I’ll show you how to integrate this image into your template page properly. Please bring the file to class.

Fireworks: Working with Photography - March 18, 2015

Woking with Photography

Image Optimization


Email me the completed optimized samples of the images you created in class. Due when we return from Spring Break.

Introduction to Fireworks - March 16, 2015

  • Review Positioning Exercises
  • Fireworks Workspace
  • Creating Shapes
  • Working with Typography
  • Cropping and Resizing


Complete the following tutorials and submit the folder icon you create in the 3rd tutorial.

You should email this icon to me before class on Monday, March 31, 2014. Late submissions will not be accepted. I do not expect you to perfectly replicate the icon in the tutorial but I would like to see a solid effort from each of you. This is a challenging assignment so I encourage you to not wait until the night before it is due. Good Luck! If you’d like you can download a 30 day trial of Fireworks on your own computer so you can work off campus.

Web IDE’s and Introduction to CSS - February 18, 2015


ReadCSS Specificity & Class vs. ID. Be prepared for a quiz covering readings from the last several weeks.

Publishing to the Web - February 11, 2015


  • Create and Validate a prototype HTML document that includes examples of all HTML elements covered thus far. For a list of requirements view this page.
  • You can email the html document to me or for additional credit upload to the server and send me the url. Send to before 2.16.15.
  • Reading Assignment: CSS Basics

Working with HTML5 - February 9, 2015


Read the following resource as a review. We’ll have a quiz next week over all of the reading and discussion so far. – Getting to know HTML

Structure, Content, Design & Behavior - January 26, 2015


Evaluate your favorite web site based on our discussion of Structure, Content, Design, and Behavior. This is a written assignment that should be emailed to me ( no later than 1-28-15. Make sure you discuss the following elements: Site URL, An assessment of the Structure, Content, Design, and Behavior of the site, Things you like about the site, Things you would change.