Mobile Web Development – Spring 2013

To view lecture notes for a given lesson follow the links below. Lecture notes will be added the day of each lecture. Assignments will be listed for each section. Assignments are due before class.

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HTML5 Video and Audio - April 11, 2013


Provide a working example of both an Audio and Video implementation using HTML5. This should be cross browser and work in IE 8 as well as modern browsers. Be prepared to discuss the implementation in class on Tuesday. Included on the page should be the url of technique you used and a list of browsers and devices you were able to support.

Bootstrap Lab - April 2, 2013

Using the wireframes created over the weekend. Setup a Twitter Bootstrap project in a folder called bootstrap inside of your web space. Build out the mobile view of your site first followed by a desktop view. At this point don’t worry with custom css. I am looking for you to demonstrate a basic understanding of how to use Bootstrap and putting the modular pieces together to accomplish something that resembles your wireframes. This project should be completed by the end of the day Thursday.

Reference Materials

Site Planning and Prototyping - March 26, 2013


Refine your site concept and create a preliminary sitemap for the site/app using a service discover in class. Experiment with one of the prototyping tools we discussed in class and build a prototype of the mobile view of your new site. This only needs to an outline.

Use Kuler or a similar tool to generate a color scheme for your web site. You should make note of the hexadecimal color values of your scheme. If you need more information check out the following post on deciding on good colors.

Submit the sitemap and color swatches to me via email by Thursday. You should have a wireframe of the homepage in both desktop and mobile views by next Tuesday.

Responsive Images Wrap Up - March 14, 2013

  • Review Responsive Images Lab assignment
  • Discuss Final Project


I’d like you to come up with and idea for a final project responsive web site. I’d like this project to incorporate the the use of responsive design practices and utilize some of the new html5 api’s. I’ll give you a clear list of technical requirements after spring break. This can be for a fictitious client or a real world client or project. Be creative. Pick something you are interested in learning more about. I’d like you to write a paragraph or two explaining the project and what you hope to accomplish/learn by completing the project. Please email this to me before class on the Tuesday following Spring Break. Be prepared to discuss your idea in class.

Responsive Resume Lab - February 28, 2013

I’d like you spend today’s lab building out a desktop view to the mobile resume we created in class. If you need help in creating the proper media queries make sure to reference this article. This assignment is graded and should be submitted to me by Monday so I can look it over prior to class on Tuesday. Please send the url to the project and remember to make this your own. It doesn’t need to look exactly like the initial resume we built. Personalize it. This might be someones first impression of you. Good luck and have a nice weekend.


Building a Responsive Resume - February 26, 2013


Complete the mobile first styling of you resume. I’d like you design to reflect your own taste and not replicate what we did in class. Please read the following Article and be prepared apply the concepts included within to your work in lab on Thursday. On Thursday you will have a lab in which you add a desktop view to you site using media queries.

HTML5 Microdata - February 7, 2013

In-class Lab – Please Complete the following Tutorial and submit your online Resume to me via Email

Note: If you are uncomfortable with sharing any personal information with me  (or Google!) feel free use fictitious information. You may skips steps 8-10 if you’d like.

For more information on the subject check out the following resources

The goal of this exercise is familiarize you with the proposed Microdata Spec and to get your brain wrapped around its use. Be prepared to discuss in class on Tuesday.

Transitioning to HTML5 - January 29, 2013

In Class Assignment

Visit 10 Websites / Services you frequent. For each you should provide me with the site url, declared doctype, and a list of linked resources with the relationships. Only include the relationship information for elements we have not discussed. I’d like for you to discover as many new relationship types as possible. There is no need to list all relationship attributes for the site, only ones that are new to you. Once completed select one of the new relationship types and provide me with an explanation of its purpose.

Please email this assignment to me prior to class on Thursday.

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