Final Project Guidelines

I will evaluate your final projects based on the following criteria…

Technical Guidelines

  • Validated HTML5 free of inline styling
  • Consistent, audience appropriate visual design.
  • Proper use of Mobile Related meta-tags (See Prepping a Document for Mobile)
  • Device Icons for your site (Favicon/Mobile Icon(s))
  • Externalized CSS (There should not be any css in your html document)
  • Cross Browser design and functionality
    (Testing Environments: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9, Mobile Safari, Android)
  • Support for a minimum of 3 Breakpoints (Phone, Tablet, Desktop) using css3 media queries.
  • Use of Progressive Enhancement for all JavaScript implementations
  • Proper image optimization
  • Provide Polyfills where necessary for any html5 features that lack support in the testing environments.
  • Include Google Analytics (Important)
  • Responsive Images
  • Micro-data where appropriate

Presentation Guidelines

This presentation is an opportunity to briefly share your implementation with the class and discuss your thoughts on designing for multiple devices. Don’t fret if you are not completely finished with the project (Although it should be close). What I’d really like you to demonstrate is an understanding of the concepts presented in the course and your experience applying them to a real development project.

  • 4-5 Minutes
  • Provide the class with a quick overview of the site
  • Demonstrate Responsiveness
  • Discuss lessons learned

Final Project Submission

The finished product should be submitted to me no later than Tuesday May 9 at 10am. The final should be submitted via email and include the following information…

  • Site URL
  • A brief description of the sites purpose and target audience
  • 1-2 pages outlining the takeaways from the course. (What you learned, What you’d like to investigate further, ideas for improvement)