Hosted Contact Form

There are many ways to add a contact form to your site but my options require extensive configuration and specific server technology. In this example we’ll use a web service called Wufoo to add a contact form to our site and configure it to manage emails received from our site.

  1. Visit and sign up for the free account.
  2. Select create a new form for the forms tab.
  3. Drag the fields you would like on you for from the menu on the left to the form builder space on the right.
  4. After you have built and configured the form, press Save Form at the bottom of the page. You should be returned to the forms page where your newly created form will be displayed.
  5. Follow the notifications link and configure how you would like to be contacted. You can have it send you and email, a text message or publish the messages to a private RSS feed.
  6. Click save settings after configuring notification options.
  7. Select Code from the form options
  8. Select Integrated Form Code from the menu on the right.
  9. Copy the code from the window on the left and paste it on your contact page on your web site.
  10. Try it out.