Internet Technologies – Final Project Guidelines

For your final grade of the semester you are to build a web site for a fictitious company of your choice. You are to use the methodology and design techniques covered in this course. You are not allowed to use a template as the basis of your project. Below are a list of the site requirements that should be included in the project in order to receive a passing grade.

Site Requirements

Mastery Requirements (Maximum Grade of B)

  • Properly Marked-up HTML (Must Validate – XHTML or HTML5)
  • Use CSS for Layouts (Must Validate)
  • Must be visually Consistent in IE 8+, Modern Builds of Firefox, Chrome, And Safari)
  • Create at least four pages that are linked to one another with a consistent navigation element
  • All images in the site must be optimized for the web and have proper ALT text
  • No dead or broken links
  • Proper Directory Structure / File Management / Naming Conventions
  • At least one link to the Internet (External Web site)
  • At least one Email Link
  • Use of Keywords and Description Meta Tags, Language Declaration, Author, Title (Head Content)
  • At Least One Form – Email Form is fine
  • One Instance of Functioning JavaScript
  • Graphic Design – thoughtful use of color / consistent styling / audience appropriate
  • Usability – consistent navigation elements / good contrast (readability)

Above Mastery (A Level Work)

In addition to all elements required for mastery present. You can learn more about one or more of the following techniques and integrate it into your site.

  • JavaScript Libraries
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Print Stylesheet
  • Media Queries
  • HTML5 Audio, Video, Geolocation with Fallback

There are tons of other things that qualify for above Mastery. Just ask if you need clarification.