Web Project

  • Client: Segway Inc.
  • Task: To build a three page promotional web site for the new Concept Centaur Vehicle from Segway Inc.
  • Required Files (Right Click – Save Target As)

Site Goals

  • Target Audience: This campaign should target recent college graduates and young professionals
  • Look and Feel: Segway Inc. is a 21st Century technology driven company focusing on personal transportation. The client has requested the look and feel of the micro-site be geared toward communicating the forward-moving nature of the company and their attention to customer satisfaction. There is no preferred color scheme, but the client has asked for a consistent design for the three pages using the same color scheme and fonts throughout.  The client has requested the included logo be used on all of the pages in the site.

Site Specifics:

  • Title: Segway Centaur
  • Segway Tag Line: “Simply Moving”
  • Three Pages
    • Home Page – Provides Product Overview
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • About Segway

Content for these three pages is located inside a text document named content.txt that you can download at the top of this page.

Segway Inc. has provided you with a list of technical requirements for their site. In order for project sign off to occur the following elements must be present. (Mastery)

  • Properly Marked-up HTML (Must Validate)
  • Use CSS for Layouts (Must Validate / No inline styles)
  • Proper Titles for all pages
  • Create at least three pages that are linked to one another with a consistent navigation element
  • All images in the site must be optimized for the web and have proper ALT text
  • No dead or broken links
  • Proper Directory Structure / File Management / Naming Conventions
  • At least one link to the Internet (External Web site)
  • At least one Email Link
  • Use of Keywords and Description Meta Tags (Head Content)
  • Consistent footer with a contact link
  • Consistent Graphic Design

There is a design bonus for completion of the project with all of the above listed components

Site Hosting

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has offered to host the proposed designs on their web server during the site approval process. The completed projects should be uploaded to the student’s personal web space into a dedicated directory named segway. 

Example: http://ualr.edu/username/segway/. Projects will not be accepted unless these criteria have been met. Once the student has uploaded the project, they should contact tswallace@ualr.edu with the site URL.