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Mobile Web Development

Spring 2018 | IFSC 3342

Mobile First Demo and Schema


Using the source code in the following pen – Microdata Resume Starter, do the following.

  1. Create a new project directory on Cloud9 named resume.
  2. Using HTML5 Boilerplate as your starting point, add the html and css from codepen to the appropriate locations in your files. Make sure add appropriate values to the head of the boilerplate document (title,lang,description).
  3. Populate the resume template with your information. Pay special attention to the markup when adding content as to not break the structure of the underlying schema.
  4. Once you have everything in place, validate your html and run the url through Google’s Structured data testing tool.
  5. Be sure add a link to the course index in your dev space.
  6. Be prepared to discuss your experience and findings on Tuesday.


Additional Reading

Introduction to Media Queries


Please review today’s codecast. Make a copy and experiment. Please bring questions to class with you on Thursday.

If you have a resume please track it down and bring a digital copy with you to class on Thursday. Over the next few weeks, we will be designing a grid-based, responsive resume with microdata support. This will be a multi-stage project with several grade components. It is imperative you have something to build around. If you do not have anything I will provide a template you can work from that contains minimal information.

The Flexible Grid

The Flexible Grid

The Future of the Grid


Read Chapter 3
Create your own grid based page using the sample html we generated in class. You should use different dimensions and gutters for this assignment. Use the approach we covered in class to make sure you understand the process. Please upload the assignment to cloud9. Be sure to link it up from your workspace index. If you need a bit of help here is the general workflow…

  1. Create directory structure and base html. You can use the html from the codepen along with boilerplate if you like.
  2. Generate a Grid ( Experiment with Different Tools )
  3. Implement grid on the sample html file using pixels
  4. Convert to percentage-based grid
  5. Publish

Boilerplate Wrap Up and Grid Based Design

Grid-Based Design


Read Chapter 2  – Responsive Web Design:  The Flexible Grid

Read Chapter 4 in Responsive Design / Experiment implementing your own grid on the example html we worked with in class. Try using one of the grid-generators we examined in class. Be prepared to review in class on Tuesday.

Mastering the Chrome Inspector

Your assignment for the day is to complete the first two chapters of the Explore and Master Chrome tools course at Code School. Please complete all of the challenges associated with these two chapters. While you are not required to create an account, I recommend doing so you can track you progress and take advantage of some of the other content on the site. Be prepared to demo a tip or trick you learned from the exercise in class on Thursday. We will be leveraging these skills throughout the semester so it is imperative that you learn how to use this tool. Feel free to complete the remainder of the chapters depending on your level of experience with the tool. Email a screen shot of your completion badges for these two chapters.

Supplemental Material

Skills Review and HTML5 Structural Elements


Set up an index page for your web space. This will be the landing page for this course where you will link all published assignments. Please send me the URL of your web space so I have a place to visit and check in on assignments you are working on throughout the semester.

Read An Overview of HTML5 Semantics

Additional Reading

Pre-Assessment Lab and Q&A

  • Cloud9
    • Choosing a Workspace Type
    • How to Preview Files
    • Finding the proper URL to submit
  • Pre-Assessment


The completed pre-assessment should be published to your workspace and a link shared with me no later than January 30, 2018 before class. This is a Credit/NoCredit Assignment designed to make sure you have a good foundation to proceed in the course.

Setting up our Work Environment


Begin Working on the Pre-Assessment activity and bring questions to class on Thursday. The completed activity should be published to your workspace and a link shared with me no later than January 30, 2018 before class. This is a Credit/NoCredit Assignment designed to make sure you have a good foundation to proceed in the course.