Thomas Wallace

Lectures and Resources

Naming Conventions, Meta Naming, Directory Structure

  • Meta Naming – Names that reflect the nature of the file(s) they represent
  • Naming Conventions – all lowercase, no spaces or special characters

Structuring Directories

  1. Open your Cloud-based Development Environment or if you are working with a local IDE, open the location where you’d like to store your web project files.
  2. Create a Folder Named Web Root – IFSC 1310. All of your files related to website must be in this folder! If you are working on Cloud9 there is no need to create this folder as you will be working in your root directory by default.
  3. Open the Personal Website folder you created and inside it we are going to create a folder named assets.
  4. Inside the assets folder we are going to create the following folders
    • img – all images in your site should be in this folder
    • css – all of your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) should be in this folder
    • js – any Javascript files we use
    • resources – Any files related to the site but are not uploaded