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Prototype HTML Document Assignment

Prototype HTML Document Requirements

  • Proper Doctype – HTML5
  • Use XHTML Synatax (All tags lowercase and closed)
  • Properly declare the document language – Info
  • Head Section Requirements – Place and HTML Comment after each element in the head section explaining its purpose. 
    • Title
    • Metatags
      • Description
      • Author
      • Character Encoding
  • Body Requirements
    • Page Sections (<div id=”section-name”> or HTML5 Structural Elements where they apply)
      • container – surrounds all elements within the body
      • header – surrounds <h1> text
      • content – This section should contain examples of the following elements. You can use the sample content from this document or create your own if you prefer.
          • <h2> thru <h5>
          • <p>
          • <strong>
          • <em>
          • Three types of lists
            • ordered
            • unordered
            • definition list
          • A properly marked up quote (Examples of both an inline and block level)
          • A table consisting of 5 rows and 5 columns with a horizontal heading – Make sure you include the caption and scope attributes appropriately. (You can make up content for this)
          • <img> – the image source should be set to this image. Make sure you have all of the required attributes.
      • navigation– That contains the following elements:
        • An unordered list with four list items as links with a title attribute.
          • Home
          • About
          • UALR – Set target attribute to _blank
          • Contact
      • footer
        • h6 that includes a copyright symbol, the year, your name, a link that will send an email,  and a Back to Top anchor link that returns the user to the top of the page.

Place an html comment after each closing <div> tag identifying which ID’d <div> you are closing.

Make sure you validate your html, upload to your web space and send me the url ( . If you get lost, refer to the document we created in class. Good Luck.